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b.1984, Montreal, Canada
BA without Honours from Concordia University in Studio Arts with a Minor in Print Media
I am a Canadian artist based out of Montreal. My work most commonly explores the confluence of the mind and body, the palpable with the metaphysical.
My artworks are divided in four: Art, Illustrations, Embroidery, and Miscellaneous.
My Art retains my love of the analog practice, using hand and archaic techniques such as painting, drawing and printing to create time-consuming works that have been hacked into, the raw emotion of presenting ideas of decomposing minds and bodies.
My Illustrations represent fun, spur of the moment images, mixed with words and different typographic experiments using colourful, modern mediums.
My Embroideries relate to non-sequitur thoughts, translated in four languages; it started as an exercise in learning new languages, as well as opening my visual semantics into understandable sentences and is an ode to my grandmother and women-based practices that are overlooked as valid art forms.
My Miscellaneous are trials in technological experiments, videos and digital files which represent patterns and crude imagery, symbolizing my disgust for the over-consumption of images and intimacy; it creates a no-mans-land of garbage, which leaves my mind blank, and is an effort to understand the robotic side of creation.
Ne Obliviscaris Verborum  March 2015, Rag & Boneman Vintage, Berlin
Month Of Performance Art – L´Atelier Kunst Spiel Raum, Berlin (with Agora Collective)
The Eyes Have It  March 2013, Rag & Boneman Vintage, Berlin
Publié/Autopublié 2010, Yves Laroche, Montréal
Curated Exhibitions
Berlin Feminist Film Week – 2015 exhibition,
 Featured artists: Isabelle Seliger and Johanna Maierski
Co-Curated with Platform
MusicMakers  2012, Prince Charles, Berlin Featured artists: Nomikone, Kasper Vang, Kelly Elizabeth Tivnan, Performers: KKOOE & Easton West, Antaeus Lando Roy, Sam Barker, and Owen Roberts.
Poetry is dead:
Issue 6 and 7, Canada
Snap magazine:
Three-letter words
(Dec/Jan/ Feb) 2009-2010, Canada
Paper issue:
(Jun/Jul/Aug) 2010, Canada
My first:

(Sept/Oct/ Nov) 2010, Canada
(Winter) 2010, Canada